YHOH 20th Anniversary Specials!

For the First Time in E-Book!

Every month a new book in the series will be released!!

Scheduled Releases:

July 2020- Send ‘Em South Book One

August 2020- On the Trail of John Brown’s Body Book Two

September 2020- Off to Fight Book Three

October 2020- Nowhere to Turn Book Four

November 2020- No Girls Allowed Book Five

December 2020- Crossroads at Gettysburg Book Six

January 2021- Breaking the Rules Book Seven

February 2021- Gullahs and Ghosts Book Eight in E-book only!


Written by an award winning teacher for the classroom or the home! Complete with primary sources, chapter by chapter questions, suggested pre and post activities.


All Young Heroes Books in digital format are under $5 and for those of you in Kindle Unlimited they can be free!

New Illustrations!

With E-book, readers can click on the illustration, enlarge it, copy it or even click to the original source.



“(An) ambitious tale…emotionally wrenching…designed to let readers ‘experience’ history…The novel demonstrates how prejudice extends beyond black and white….In this book, with its themes of courage, friendship that ignores skin color, and the love between parent and child, the author does not flinch from portraying bigotry and the cruelty of slavery….If nothing else, this story should make them think.” Linda Salisbury – Foreword Magazine, August 2001


With deft pen and simple words, Alan N. Kay has re-created the exciting world of the United States just before the Civil War…(in a) breathtaking adventure…Mr. Kay?s dialogue and characterization bring to life the historical era and give breath to these young heroes of our past”  — Linda Hutton of Hutton Book-Review Services – May 2001

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