Alan N. Kay is an award-winning teacher and author with more than 25 years of experience bringing stories to life.  Known for creative teaching as well as creative writing, Kay has won multiple awards.  (See below)

Alan N. Kay is also the author of Neither King Nor Country a historical mystery/thriller novel set taking place in both the present as well as the American Revolution. His writing career began with his Young Heroes of History set of novels: a historical fiction series for children.  Based during the Civil War, this series tells the story of one entire family split into North and South and traces both sides through its eight volume journey. Complete with detailed lesson plans, this series is perfect for entertainment as well as learning. In addition he has also written a non-fiction book titled “I Love History but I Hated it in School” as well as numerous articles for various publications over the years.  He will always be the most proud however, of his three beautiful adult children who are all finding their own paths to success. 

A transplanted Yankee, Kay completed his Master’s in Education at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and received his Bachelor’s in history Cum Laude from Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass.  He currently teaches History at East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

What People Say About

His Novel:

“Alan N. Kay’s novel is a history lover’s dream come true. With nail-biting suspense and an emotionally fulfilling conclusion, Neither King Nor Country will leave you speechless!”

Jordan Ehmann  September 15, 2019
Indies Today

His Classroom:

“I wrote more in his yearbook than I did in most of my friends.”

Alison, c/o 2005

His YOUTUBE videos:

“Thank you for making this video, this is one of my favorite topics to learn about because that era just amazes me in many different ways. I kept getting chills watching this, so thank you for teaching it, I also loved the shirts!”


Awards include:

*The 2002 Daughters of the American Revolution Nation-wide Outstanding American History Teacher of the Year.

*The state of Florida 2002 Outstanding American History Teacher of the Year.

*The Gilder Lehrman 2006 American History Teacher for the state of Florida.

*The 2004 Outstanding Educator of the Year in Pinellas County (a county of over 8,000 teachers).

*The 2001  Florida History Fair Teacher of the Year, and a Finalist for the  2001 National History Day Teacher of the Year. 

*2019 The lifetime achievement award on the 20th anniversary of Pinellas County History Day; a competition that he started in 1999 and ran for over a decade.

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