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Alan has written both children and adult historical fiction . His most recent work for adults is a modern historical mystery that sheds light on one of the most hidden secrets in American History. Neither King Nor Country can be found here:

His eight volume children’s series is titled the Young Heroes of History. It is a series of intertwined historical novels covering one family, North and South during the Civil War. It can be read for pleasure or used to teach and it has it’s own website you can go to here:


20th Anniversary Specials!

Videos and Lecture

Go to Alan’s YOUTUBE page for stories he tells and lectures he has done in class and in public from American and World History. He even has some advice for students on studying and test prep.

A National Award winning teacher, Alan has been recognized for his teaching, his writing and his service to the community. For more on them click here:


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Check out Alan’s FACEBOOK page called THE HISTORY CART where he posts all things history from current events, to historical anecdotes to straight out fun! Become a follower today!

Guest Speaker

Looking for a fun, stimulating, passionate presentation for your club or organization? Alan has loads of experience telling stories to crowds of all sizes. Contact him today!

“Never Judge someone until you have walked a mile in their moccasins.”

 Mary T. Lathrap and various First Nations

About Alan

Alan N. Kay has been a high school history teacher in the public schools for more than 25 years. He has taught all levels of learning from the suburbs to the inner city. His passion for the stories of history has led him to branch out far beyond the classroom into the public beyond.

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